To which destinations does Renegade Air fly?

Renegade Air currently flies to Nairobi, Eldoret, Entebbe, Kisumu, Malindi, Mombasa and Ukunda. 

Do I need my passport when flying with Renegade Air?

Citizens of Kenya only need an ID card or valid driving license to fly domestically. If you are a citizen of another nation, you will be required to bring your passport.

Do you offer on-board refreshments?

Renegade Air offers a full in-flight snack menu to keep you refreshed on board our flights. Drinks and a selection of sweet and savoury snacks are available at a cost.

Can I carry food on board?

A passenger can carry solid cooked food as long as it is well wrapped. If the food is frozen, then the passenger will need to check it in.

Are your ticket prices just introductory fares?

No, our fares are permanent. These are not introductory or promotional rates.

Is it safe to fly with Renegade Air?

Flight safety is absolutely essential at Renegade Air. We currently have a fleet of De Havilland DHC 8 Q300 Next Generation, Fokker 50’s as well as Cessna Caravans operating under the highest international standards of safety and technology. We have highly trained cabin and flight crew on each flight and use only world-class suppliers for engineering and maintenance.