Long & Short Term

ACMI Leasing

We provide aircraft to airlines on both long term and short term. This ensures that you have minimal service interaction on your peak season as well as when your original aircraft are undergoing service and maintenance.


Types of Leases

Based on the agreement we provide aircraft on lease basis in return for payment on the number of hours operated. You can contact us based on your needs such as seasonal travellers, maintenance schedules and service expansion.

Short-term Leasing

We provide flight ready aircraft with full crew and servicing options. We are here fore you to fill in the gaps provided by delays and sudden delay alterations.

Long-term Leasing

This option is for you if you might be facing long periods of scheduled maintenance that might disrupt your scheduled and seasonal flights

Why choose us?

When choosing a partner to guarantee the continuity of your services in Kenya, look no further than Renegade Air.


Avoid unexpected interruptions in your flights because of delays. Renegade aircraft can ensure no stoppage in your schedule.


You can be at ease when your aircraft are down for extended periods due to maintenance. Renegade air will ensure continuity of service.


Seasonal flights can see an increase in the amount of traffic that your regular fleet can’t handle. Guarantee your seasonal fliers that their flights will be completed.


You can lease our aircraft to handle emergencies that occur or to handle emergency situations such as relief and medical evacuation.