About Kisumu

A prosperous and dynamic county that is a harbor of excellence.

Kisumu, which literally means a place of barter trade “sumo” and officially known as Kisumu City, is the Kenyan inland port city on Lake Victoria and the capital city of Kisumu County. It is the third largest city in Kenya and is the principal city of western Kenya and the proposed headquarters of the Lake Region Economic Block, which is a conglomeration of 15 counties in Western Kenya.

Things to do in KISUMU

Cultural Visit

Kisumu Museum, established in 1980, has a series of outdoor pavilions laid out in a formation similar to that of a Luo homestead. Some contain live animals, weaponry, jewellery, farm tools and other artefacts made by the various peoples of the Nyanza Province.

Kit Mikayi

Kit Mikayi, a large rock with three rocks on top, and is located off Kisumu Bondo Road towards Bondo. It is a weeping rock with a lot of history and meaning behind it.


Moi stadium is the main stadium and plays home to various teams such as Kisumu All Stars and Kisumu Telkom FC. Kisumu is also host to a leg of the national rugby sevens circuit referred to as the Dala sevens which attracts thousands of fans from across the country.

Hippo Point

Hippo Point is a 600 acres viewing area on Lake Victoria. It is better known for unobstructed sunsets over the lake than for its occasional hippos.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is home to herd of impalas. herd of impala. Some hippos, as well as many reptiles and birds are also present

Dunga Beach and Wetlands

Known for its unique eco-cultural attractions due to its biodiversity and cultural rich and diverse papyrus wetland ecosystem and local community respectively.

Other Destinations

Masai mara