About Malindi

Malindi is a town located on Malindi Bay. it is serviced by a local airport and a connecting highway to Mombasa and Lamu. There is more that meets the eye in Malindi besides holidays by the beach.

There exists diverse marine and terrestrial wildlife. Here are a few things to do and experience in Malindi.

Things to do in Malindi

hell’s kitchen

Experience a tour of the vastly eroded landscape that makes up Marafa-Hell’s Kitchen.

Gedi Ruins

They are an important historical and Archaeological site that is among the many Swahili-Arab settlements along the coast from Somalia to Mozambique


Swimming with the fishes in Watamu beach Malindi, gives you a chance to view dolphins and other marine wildlife.

Falconry of Kenya

A private zoo consisting of various birds of prey from eagles, hawks, owls etc. Bird flight shows are a reqular occurence as well as visits to other animals such as tortoises among others

Mida Creek

Mida creeks spans an area of 32 square kilometres.. It is one of the most productive mangrove ecosystems in the world. Migrating birds from Asia and Europe find a place to rest here on their journey.

Turtle Watch

Watamu Turtle watch was formed in 1997 by local people who were concerned with the declining population of turtles. Today they encourage fishermen to release the turtles caught rather than kill them.

Other Destinations

Masai Mara